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Organic SEO at its BEST

There are many benefits to being listed in the organic results, but the ones to consider as a small business are:

Efficient and Inexpensive Marketing – reduce your business development costs significantly. After you’re maintaining a high ranking, you’re basically getting free traffic.
More traffic & ultimately more potential customers. There’s a significant amount of research that says people click on the organic results vs. the paid. Numbers from 75-84% click on the Natural results vs. 16-25% clicks on the paid results are what’s generally accepted in the search community**.
Get “decision makers” to click through to your website. There are studies showing that “visitors with a higher education” are clicking through to the organic results vs. the paid ones
Long term traffic. You don’t need to pay to get exposure after you finally rank in the top positions. Month after month, visitors are clicking through to your website because you’re in their search path.
Improve your branding. Show visitors that you are related to key phrases they are searching for. You’ll earn respect from people by being the highest ranking website for phrases people are searching for. Imagine being the main site that shows up for “best small business.” Consumers equate you as being literally what they are searching for if you constantly appear for that search.

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